Vocal Removal Service

Is there a particular song you’d love to sing but you just can’t find a backing track for it anywhere?

I can remove the vocals from almost any song leaving you with an instrumental backing track of it.

As you probably already know, the process of removing vocals from a recording while leaving the rest of the music completely intact is not an easy thing to achieve. In fact, until recently it was practically impossible to achieve.

I’ll be totally frank with you. Results vary greatly from song to song because the vocal removal process largely depends on how deeply the vocals are mixed in with the rest of the music.

No matter what, there will ALWAYS be slight traces of the original vocal left no matter what type of vocal removal process you put the song through and anyone who tries to claim otherwise is being less than truthful with you. However technology has recently changed and this is good news for everyone interested in vocal removal.

First off, if you’ve arrived at this page then you’re probably looking to have the vocal removed from a song that you can’t find a backing track for. You may even have tried using one of the many hundreds of karaoke vocal removals that are available out there.

However you’ve probably discovered that these systems all use a “centre-cancel” type process to try and remove the vocal. You’ll also have discovered that the results are less than satisfying because they work by taking out whatever is in the “centre” of the mix (which, most times, will indeed be the vocal – but not always)!

The “centre-cancel” vocal removal processes tend to take out EVERYTHING in the centre of the mix, which means it ends up taking out many of the important instruments too. Even after all that, there’s usually a fair bit of vocals still left on the track.

In short, they just don’t work well at all.

I have a completely new and different type of technology which does not use any of these “centre-cancel” processes to remove vocals.

Instead, it uses a brand new type of complex software which runs a series of algorithms through the song to better identify the vocal and isolate it more accurately.

It then removes the vocal with far more accuracy than any of the old “centre-cancel” systems.

This a rather complex, time-consuming and difficult process to get right and at the end there will ALWAYS be some trace of the original vocal, however the results are worlds apart from the old “centre-cancel” days and may just be good enough for you and for the purposes you’re trying to achieve so I recommend you give it a try.

If you have a song you need vocals removed from, please contact me at email@mp3backingtrax.com for more info…