iPod cable problem

My recent article about how to connect your apple ipod to your PA system brought an avalanche of response from readers – thanks to all of you who sent your feedback!

Many of the responses included questions and cries for help regarding other, related problems that some of you are having with connecting your iPod to your PA . It seems that many of you are having sound problems and much of your time is being spent trying to figure out if these sound problems are due to a faulty iPod output, a broken mixer channel or a faulty cable. So, how do you find out which one is at fault and solve the problem?

To help you with this, I’ve devised a very simple test that will help you discover if it’s your iPod, your mixer/PA channels, or your cable that’s causing the sound problem. The troubleshooting guide only takes a few minutes to do and could save you hours (or even days) of headaches trying to find out what is causing that poor sound from your iPod!