An alternative to the iPod, Minidisc & Laptop?

As you know, there’s a limited choice of available equipment when it comes to finding an alternative to your old minidisc player.

Here is another type of media player which has been recommended by one of our customers which could be of use to gigging singers:

Hi Kenny,

After reading your article on Laptop v Ipod there is another alternative for the professional singer who is finally about to drop the Mini Disc…. Great in it’s day but Technology moves on.

How about sharing information on the “Double SD Player!”

Made for the DJ market but great also for the pro singer it’s the same as a double CD player but nowhere near as big. It does have alot of features the pro singer wouldn’t need but you can ignore them.

It’s 19′ rack mountable and the basic models can play an SD card up to 4Gb….. thats a possible 800 songs per card, it takes 2 cards and the newer versions also have a usb, for plug and play.

You can access 1 card from both players at the same time (on both decks) so if you are singing track 10 on player No1 and the next song you want to sing is track 44 you can use player No2 and set it up as track 10 is playing, so there is no break in your show.

It has a single play or continues play mode,on both players which is just the press of a button AND it has a very visible screen, with track Number and time played /elapsed.

I have been using one for 18 months, (actually I use 2) and when I was back in UK in early December, I saw one for sale in Maplins for just 149GBP. ( I also use the Bose L1 system, with the Tone match mixer ).

Some of them now, are being made with an angled front so you can just put them on a table top or on your keyboard and everything is to hand and visible to the artist, without having to rack mount them, making it as portable as the now defunct mini disc player.



Thanks Gordon. Another alternative another customer has also recommended is the iDJ iPod 2 Channel Mixer.