1000w of Bose versus 2000w conventional PA

Received via email:

Hi Kenny

I have just read your really brilliant article on the mp3 backing trax web site about the Boes L1 Classic P A SystemI am looking at buying the new L1 Model 2 double bass package with ToneMatch audio engine, please can you tell me if this also produces only 500 watts the same as the newer L1 classic you mentioned in your article, you said your friend bought one but it was putting out a lot less volume than the original L1 classic of 750 watts.

I have been playing the clubs and pubs for about 28 years now and have just about had enough of carrying 2 bass bins and top cabs and really heavy power amps around.

Would two of the new Model 2 system really produce the same effect as my old 2000 watt pa or could i get away with just 1 system.

I have been calling around a number of shops that are selling these but got nowhere with any answers to my questions, just by reading your article it has made everything much clearer.


Hi Daren

All the new Bose models are 500w versions now – Bose don’t produce the old 750w models any more, so unless you could get your hands on a second-hand original L1, it will be a 500w version you get from the shop if you buy one new.

Sadly, buying two Bose L1 Model 2’s will NOT give you the same volume of sound you were used to with your old bass bins + tops 2000w PA system.

Two Model 2’s will only put out 500w x 2 = 1000w.

It is true that the Bose system is very unique in the way it disperses the sound, so you don’t need as much volume to reach the audience at the back of the room.

But asking even a 1000w Bose system to sound as loud as a 2000w conventional PA with bass bins and tops is just asking too much and you WILL notice the lack of power (especially at gigs where towards the end of the evening the crowd get a bit lively and noisy).

Adding an extra 2 packlite amps and 4 extra subs in to the equation would probably give you the “kick” and “oomph” you used to get from your 2000w system, but you also have to consider the expense. Two L1 “poles”, 8 subs, and two packlite amps won’t come cheap…