Honesty is the best policy…

They say honesty is the best policy…well here at MP3 Backing Trax, Honesty is our ONLY policy. See what I mean below:

Hi Kenny
I’d love to introduce new songs and arrangements and freshen up my set list. You’ve been in business for many years and I’m sure you must have a large library of bespoke tracks you’ve produced for others. I live in <withheld> and never play in the UK so could I perhaps buy some of these tracks and medleys from you?

Hi <name-withheld>

Yes, you’re correct, we actually sell more specially commissioned tracks than we do off-the-shelf stuff.

But a large percentage of our special arrangement customers who order bespoke tracks from us choose to pay us an extra premium on top of the production price so that they can have exclusivity to those tracks (i.e. they pay extra for a guarantee that their track will not be made available to anyone else).

Now, I do realise that if you happen to go to a live music venue and hear a fellow entertainer singing a particular medley of songs or a particular arrangement of a song that you really like, then there’s actually nothing to stop you going to any one of the thousands of backing track companies out there and asking them to make you a similar backing track.┬áNobody can stop others from copying their act. In fact singers will often sing a song just because they heard another singer sing that same song and it went down well with the audience. Comedians also often “steal” jokes from each other. It’s not a nice thing to do, it’s not a professional thing to do, it’s not an ethical thing to do, but it’s not illegal (hey, welcome to the back-stabbing world of showbiz)!

But when one of our customers pays us a premium to have their track created as a unique one-off and we make an agreement with that customer that we will not sell those tracks on to anyone else, then we honour that agreement.

Our customers have an absolute guarantee that if they do happen to be unfortunate enough to hear a copy-cat sing their special one-off idea, then it wasn’t us who produced it. The copy-cat must have heard them sing the song(s) in that way and asked another backing track company to create a similar track.

Yes, I know that this means lots of great one-off songs and medley arrangements are left sitting in our recording studio archives, and that’s unfortunate.

But we have been paid in full for every hour we spent recording all those archived songs AND we received a premium on top to produce them exclusively for the customer and keep them out of our general catalogue, so we have no right to complain about it, nor do we have any right to try and re-sell them again, even years after.

Hope this explains…

Best Regards