Hey, everyone needs to be loved!

Thanks to Tony for this compliment. As most of you know, I  routinely write entertainment related articles in the hope that they will be of help to some of you out there. It’s nice to get feedback from some of the people who have read them:

Dear Kenny

I am a person who stumbled onto your website quite by accident. I am a solo vocalist, but Im moving towards putting a guitar into the act.

But this email is not about me, its about you, or more to the point your company.I have never ever come across a company that is so helpful to its clients. Besides the sales aspect of your company, you go above and beyond the call of duty to help musos get the very best quality tracks and sounds.

I’ve been in the music trade a long time, and I thought I knew it all HUH!!!! Not so – Ive got a lot to learn, and the helpful articles you have on the myriad of subjects relating to music and sound have already helped me, even though I thought I knew it all!! Any newbie to music stands a better than average chance of suceeding if they have the talent, but also if they have a company like yours backing them. I have found that numerous music studios and companies selling backing tracks are loathe to impart any information regarding help with sound etc. I’m not sure why (repeat business?? fear of competition?? really not sure), but I can carry on safe in the knowledge that I have a company and a NAMED PERSON I can trust to help me should I need it!!!

And finally, Its not often that a company gets public praise from Mr Joe Public. Please feel free to use this email in any capacity you wish, but Kudos must go out to you guys, you rock!


Thanks Tony, it’s my pleasure…

It all happened by accident. I had been spending so much time answering the same customers questions over and over again about all sorts of entertainment related matters, not just backing track related, that I decided to publish a few articles on the website a couple of years ago which would answer the most common questions people asked.

The good, positive feedback I got from doing this was so great that it really blew me away…and it’s kinda snowballed from there since!

I continued to write and publish more and more entertainment related articles on the website, and now I also send out regular emails with all sorts of discounts, offers, reports, news, even bits of software etc.

I reckon that everybody wins when I do this because you get lots of good info (and a few freebies now and again), I get to say thankyou to you for your past custom by giving you all this stuff, and if in the future you want to buy some backing tracks hopefully the name “MP3 Backing Trax” will come to your mind before anyone elses name so it’s a bit of good PR/marketing too.

A kinda win win situation for all!