Finding a cheap second hand drum machine

Tom from Leicester contacted me a while back asking for advice on ways he could set up some simple drum loops to play along with.

Now Tom has decided to buy a fully fledged dedicated drum machine and is looking for something that sounds good but is not over expensive…

Hey Kenny!

Can you help? I want a simple drum machine to give me some basic rock and pop rhythms to back me when I am playing guitar. Don’t need to programme any stuff. Just plug it into an amp and operate with a footswitch. Don’t want to spend a load on it. Got any ideas?

Tom Matthew

Hi Tom

If it’s a hardware drum machine you’re looking for and you don’t want to spend a lot, then the ideal place to look is eBay.

Do a search by typing in to the search box of eBay for Alesis drum machine, Roland drum machine, Boss drum machine, Korg drum machine, Yamaha drum machine and any other manufacturers you can think of and try to find someone on eBay who’s selling off a good cheap second-hand drum machine.

The great thing about buying something like this second-hand is that if it is in perfect working order then it will sound every bit as good as when it was new.

Certainly the buttons and casing may wear or scratch with age but the sounds will still be as good as they were the day the seller bought it.