Organising iPod Set lists

If you think that simply filling an iPod with backing tracks and taking to your gig is all you need to do to ensure a successful evenings performance think again!

Just as you would organize your record collection or DVD collection at home in to alphabetical or genre or artist etc etc, so you must do the same with your iPod backing tracks.

One of the advantages of the iPod over other playback formats like minidisc, CD etc is that you can quickly access the next song (vital in a “live” onstage environment). However, the sheer storage capacity of the iPod means that it can hold thousands of songs and that’s precisely why it is absolutely essential that you organize your songs in to set lists (or as the iPod calls them playlists).

This begins to become more aparent and even more important when you consider that your iPod can also be used to play background music during your break so it really is worth spending some time organizing your music to make sure it can be quickly and easily accessed during a performance.

I’ve discovered a few good tips and tricks and ideas you can use to get the best from your iPod such as naming conventions, playlist ideas and using the “ratings” function to good effect.

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