Footswitch start/stop for iPod

Edwin, a guitarist asked me if there was any type of backing track player out there that could start and stop backing track playback using some sort of footswitch – ideally an iPod with a start stop footswitch would be perfect.

The problem he has as a guitarist is that he doesn’t have any hands free to manually push the buttons on the ipod or backing track player while singing/playing…

I am a solo guitarist/singer. I master my accompaniments to wave. I have read through the information regarding On Stage Performer. Is it possible to navigate between playlists and navigate between songs and start stop between songs/playlists with a footswitch during live performances with this software , the right footswitch and interface? I have been on your mailing list for 2-3 years since your iPod silent song strategy and I have been looking for a foot controlled solution since. Ideally I would like a rackmountable hard disk media player controlled by a footswitch, but this is impossible to find at the moment. I need foot controlled playback and navigation between songs and pre-programmed sets. Can you help me please? Your advice at your earliest convenience will be sincerely appreciated.
Yours gratefully,
Edwin Mitchell

Hi Edwin

Onstage performer is a great program but sadly no longer available.

I personally stopped using it a while back, not because I didn’t like it, but because my laptop finally fell to pieces due to the rigours of being on the road gigging.

I moved over to the iPod instead which is much smaller and more robust than a laptop.

With the demise of bands, many guitarists use backing tracks nowadays and getting a solution for playing back backing tracks with the facility to start and stop those backing tracks using a footswitch has always been a bit of a dilemma for guitar players.

At the time of writing I know of three possible solutions to this problem – they are remote controls for a laptop, a minidisc, and the iPod (see my article about this).