iPod tips and tricks

When using an iPod to play backing tracks, it’s not as simple as just loading songs on the machine and pressing play. This is because, as a singer, you need to have your song list (ie your set list) in a specific order and you will need the iPod to play the music in a particular way to suit a live music environment.

Making set lists in the iPod is easy and you shouldn’t find too many problems doing this. If you think about it, a play list (if configured properly), is in effect a set list.

But the biggest problem I hear from singers who have bought an iPod is that the iPod doesn’t have an auto pause function. Many singers are used to using the old minidisc format to play their backing tracks and most minidisc decks have an auto pause so it’s understandable why singers get pretty uncomfortable if they have to do a gig using an iPod with no auto-pause function. You can be forgiven for thinking then that because the iPod doesn’t have an auto pause you can’t stop it going on to the next song whenever the previous song is finished. But you’d be wrong. You can auto pause an iPod, even if it doesn’y have an auto pause.

There are one or two really good work-arounds which can make an iPod function as if it had an auto pause. Read my article on iPod tips and tricks and find out exactly how to do it.