Download problems

Thanks to Tan Tee peng for advising of a potential problem for anyone who uses Download Accelerator…

Hi Kenny,
I have managed to find out the problem. You see I use Download Accelerator Plus to download the zip file. This is the problem, it does not work.
I tried again using regular download speed and file is downloaded to my PC. I think you should draw your customers’ attention to this.
Tan Tee Peng

Hi Tan Tee Peng

Glad you managed to download your backing track ok and sorted out what was wrong with your computer that was stopping it from letting you download.

Thanks also for letting me know about the rogue program you had installed that was causing you the problem (Download Accelerator).

I’ll let other customers know to avoid this program…

Sadly, problems can often be caused when you try to use third party programs and plugins – they just tend to interfere with things and are best avoided.

The best way to download anything from the internet (not just backing tracks) is to use a simple straightforward Windows PC and Internet Explorer.

There are millions of third-party programs out there, antiviruses, firewall and download software. They will all affect the way your PC behaves.

Unfortunately it’s impossible for us to list all of the millions of plugins and software in the world and report on how they will each affect your computers downloading capabilities.

Many times customers don’t even know that they have these third-party plugins installed on their computer because they were often installed without their knowledge during the installation of a completely different program.

In the help video I sent you, you probably noticed that the first thing I do is ask the viewer to make sure they are using Windows and Internet Explorer 5 or above.

It’s the only safe way to know that your computer is behaving as it should and downloading the way Microsoft intended it to download when you first installed Windows…