Bose L1 naming convention

Steve contacted me to ask about the confusion over how Bose name their L1 system…

Hi Kenny

Congratulations on such a great site – i found a lot of your articles very interesting. I bought the Bose L1 Mk 2 system at the end of last year, alongwith the Tonematch mixer and 2 subs. You mention the L1 and the L1 Classic – does that make 3 different systems in total then?


Hi Steve

Yes you are correct – there are 3 systems!

The original 750w system was called the L1, but when they introduced the lesser powered 500w L1 they renamed the original 750w L1 and called it the “L1 Classic”.

They then brought out the L1 Mk 2 which is 500w and has an H shaped type of power stand where the bass subs “slot” in each side.

So the L1 Classic (750w) and later L1 (500w) both have a horseshoe shaped type of power stand and the newer L1 mk2 (500w) has the H shape power stand.