Backing tracks on the iPod

When MP3 was first invented, it didn’t take singers long to realise that they could buy backing tracks online and download them to their computer.

This meant that they didn’t have to wait for days for the postman to deliver their backing tracks – they could get them instantly.

MP3 Backing Trax Ltd were the first backing track company to embrace this new technology all those years ago and to this day are still the biggest supplier in the world of downloadable backing tracks.

Now, what the singers did with these mp3 backing tracks as soon as they’d downloaded them is another interesting story. Many customers burned their mp3 backing tracks on to a CD and took the CD to gigs, while other “played” the mp3 backing tracks and recorded them to a minidisc and took the minidisc to gigs (some brave souls even tried to carry a Windows powered desktop PC to gigs and found it crashing more times than a woman driver adjusting her makeup in the rear-view mirror)!

However, these days, the smart singers use an iPod. The iPod is small, compact and has massive storage facility to hold thousands of backing tracks and background music.

But, before you start to use an iPod for backing tracks, there are some tips and tricks you should know first so that you can get the best from your iPod. Pay particular attention to the computer requirements you’ll need and the iPod model you choose and be careful if you are thinking of buying a used (second-hand) iPod.

If you are a singer, I strongly recommend that you buy an iPod (even if it’s just for backup of your backing tracks or in case your midifile or minidisc player fails onstage one night). But don’t rush out and buy an iPod and load it up with your backing tracks till you’ve read my article on Backing tracks on the iPod.

It lists all the pros and cons of using an iPod for backing tracks and has some great tips to make on stage use easier.