How to have a long career

I’ve had a few emails recently from singers who are just starting out in the music business. It’s great to see new talent coming in to our business.

Two emails in particular stood out to me.

The first “newbie” entertainer felt a little intimidated about starting out and wasn’t sure if she could really hold her own against all those seasoned professionals out there. She bought a bunch of backing tracks hoping to start putting an act together, but after talking to another entertainer who had been in “the business” for a while, was now having second thoughts. The other entertainer made her feel a bit inferior and she felt she’d never be as good as her, so was considering giving up before she’d even started! I sent her a lengthy reply re-assuring her that all would be well, not to worry, not to be put off by what the other entertainer said, and if she had talent and a good attitude she’ll be a success.

The other “newbie” sent me an email telling me how fantastic he was. All his friends have been telling him for ages how he is a better singer than all the other singers out there and really should become professional. He told me he was going to go out in to the entertainment world and show everyone how it really should be done. I just sent him a very short reply wishing him good luck. There was no point in wasting my time massaging his ego any further – it sounded like he was doing a good job of doing that himself already. He’s in for a surprise when his bubble bursts!

Ego can kill a career. Whether it’s YOUR ego or the ego’s of the idiots around you discouraging you from getting started.

If you’re new to singing or entertaining, my article about the pitfalls of having a big ego or hanging around with people with big egos is worth a read.