Equipment you need to get started singing

If you are reading this, then you are probably new to singing and would like to begin singing professionally. Perhaps it’s something you’ve wanted to do all your life or maybe your friends have encouraged you to take it up professionally after hearing you sing at a karaoke night or with a local musician, school or theatre company.

Either way, to get started in the professional singing business you will need to know about entertaining and a bit about musical sound equipment.

Don’t be fooled in to thinking because you are a good singer this means you will automatically be a good entertainer. There is a big difference between singing 2 songs and finishing to a thunderous applause from your audience and singing 40 or 50 songs over a full evening and keeping that audience entertained.

Similarly, don’t think that your wonderful voice is all you need. If you use poor quality backing tracks your performance will not be good. To make matters worse, even if you do have good backing tracks, your performance could be completely spoiled by a poor quality or badly set up sound system.

So, to help you navigate through this minefield of how to get started in the entertainment business, I’ve written an article on the equipment you’ll need to get started. I suggest you have a read through it before going to your local music shop and buy all the wrong stuff!