Installing the Lame MP3 encoder in Audacity

Kathryn emailed me to ask how to install the MP3 encoder in Audacity so that she can save her songs as MP3 files.

Hiya Kenny
Sorry to be a pain, but is it supposed to be tricky to download the Lame MP3 encoder? Or am i just a bit technically challenged??!!! Any advice?
Thanks, K

Hi Kathryn

Lame is a seperate company so at the time of writing this, Audacity don’t have the rights to bundle the Lame encoder in with their software.

So for now, at least, it needs to be installed seperately as a third party plugin. That basically means is that you have to install Audacity first, THEN download Lame and install it afterwards.

Like any software installation it’s not particularly complicated, but like anything else, it’s easy to say that when you know how!

So here’s how:

1. Go to Lames website and download the file in the box headed “For Audacity On Windows”.

2. Unzip it and you’ll find a file inside called lame_enc.dll.

3. Remember where you save this file because the first time you select “Export as MP3” in Audacity, Audacity will ask you where the lame_enc.dll is.

You can find more in-depth instructions at:

However you probably won’t need them as it’s quite a simple process to install it and as long as you follow the 1,2,3 steps above you should be just fine.