Using a laptop on stage

By now, most professional singers have realised the advantages of using mp3 format to play their backing tracks on stage instead of the old DAT or Minidisc formats (which are well outdated in todays modern world).

The ability to have thousands of backing tracks all stored in the one place, instantly listable and playable is what has thrown mp3 to the forefront when it comes to choosing a backing track format. The question is though…which type of mp3 player should you use to play your backing tracks on stage?

This is purely a matter of personal choice as many singers like to use small mp3 players because of their size and portability. However, many singers prefer to use a laptop or notebook computer on stage and there are certain advantages to this. A laptop may be a bit bigger than a personal mp3 player but it can do much more than a personal mp3 player (for example if you’re not too good at remembering words, you could read the words off your laptop in notepad or MSWord while the backing track is playing).

Taking care of a laptop on stage is probably the biggest worry that most singers comment to me on. Also you need to think about using software that won’t skip or cause your laptop to crash during the gig (a disaster if it happens).

I used a laptop on stage for 5 years and so I’ve discovered through experience and trial and error the best way to use it for backing tracks. So take a look at my article on using a laptop on stage and learn from my experience (and mistakes) to save yourself a lot of time and headaches.