Convert Minidisc to MP3

First thing we need to establish is that there’s no “quick” way to convert backing tracks on a minidisc to mp3 format. The process required to make this conversion involves playing the song in real-time from the minidisc and recording it in to your computer. Once the song is in your computer, it needs to be encoded in mp3 format.

However, despite this lengthy process (well, in reality it only takes as long as it takes to play each song through once) there are some shortcuts that can save you time yet still obtain the exact same high quality results. There is nothing that can be done to save time on the first part of the process – you’re always going to have to play the song in to the computer so a 3 and a half minute song is always going to take you 3 and a half minutes to record. But, when you are playing the song in to the computer there’s a great piece of software which can record it, name it and convert it to mp3 while it’s recording, saving you a massive amount of time.

Don’t think that it’s this simple though – getting the recording levels correct and connecting the minidisc player to the computer using the right cables are imperitive if you want good quality audio results. So before attempting to convert minidisc to mp3, read my article on how to convert minidisc to mp3 which gives step by step instructions and will help you achieve the best results possible.