Finding your key

As you probably know already, at MP3 Backing Trax we can produce custom backing tracks for customers – made to measure backing tracks individually tailored and produced to their exact specifications.

If a customer is paying for a backing track to be produced specially for him, it makes sense that he will want it to be in the right key for him. So, one of the fundamental things we ask when a custom backing track order comes in is what key the backing track is to be in?

“Many singers don’t know their keys, and since many singers are not musicians, this is understandable.”

The simple statement in italics above actually reveals the whole problem more than you may realise upon first reading it.

Firstly, the phrase that says “many singers don’t know their keys” is the first problem. Many singers tell me things like “I sing in B flat”. This is impossible – there is not just one key you sing everything in. You sing everything in different keys. You may sing “My heart will go on” in A minor but you will sing “I will always love you” in G.

It’s all about finding your top note (how high you can sing) and then adjusting the key of each song so that you never have to strain above that note.

The second part of the statement which says “since many singers are not musicians…” is another important part. Really, the only way to find the right key for every song you sing is to enlist the help of a musician friend.

There are some other ways to find your key and my article on finding the right key will help you get a better understanding of keys (and I also reveal a little secret about how to choose the right key without actually knowing your key)!