MP3, CD, Minidisc or Midi?

When you are buying backing tracks it’s not just a case of simply ordering a bunch of songs and going out to a gig and singing them. There are various sound and audio formats that backing tracks come in and for the newbie, it can be quite confusing trying to find the format that’s right for you.

The first format that can probably be ruled out is midi. Midi requires a mountain of musical equipment to produce the sound, and it’s very difficult to make a midifile sound good unless you are a musician (they usually need extensive editing before they sound even half reasonable). If you’ve heard backing tracks produced from midifiles you’ll know just how poor quality they are.

So, the choice is really between MP3, Minidisc or CD. There are pros and cons to every format so be careful when choosing the one that’s right for you. Your choice will depend very much on where you’re going to use your backing tracks and how you’re going to use your backing track. Factors that you need to consider are what sort of quality you will get from your chosen format and how easy the backing tracks will be to use on stage in a live gig environment.

My article on which format should I use to play my backing tracks will help you choose.