A silk purse from a sows ear?

A customer called Glen asked me to create a backing track from a recording of a TV show theme he had. The recording he sent me sounded like it was recorded from the TV using a cassette recorder sitting in the middle of the room (yikes)!

So, is it possible to create a backing track from such poor quality reference material?

Is it possible to make a silk purse from a sows ear?

Hi Kenny
Yes, sorry me again 🙂 I’ve managed to find a higher quality version of the one I want, but it’s still covered with applause. I’ll send this to you just on the off chance that its workable but honestly Im not expecting miracles so do just say if its not possible

Hi Glen

Unfortunately the quality is still too poor to use for reference.

The problem is that we have to be able to be able to hear every single instrument that’s playing and be able to pick out all the notes so that we can replicate them all in the backing track.

If the quality of the recording isn’t good, then the instruments and notes all become a bit mushy and there’s just not enough detail in the sounds for us to pick out exactly what’s being played in the arrangement.

We could, theoretically, create a backing track to be similar.

But there’s no guarantee it would be what you want because we can only create what we hear and it’s really difficult to hear what’s going on in that arrangement because of the quality of the recording.

Obviously any backing track we created would be high quality, even though the reference material is poor quality – that’s not the problem.

The problem is that we may not use the right instruments or the correct notes or chords when we make the backing track because we can’t really hear what’s supposed to be there…

Sorry….I don’t seem to be much help(!) but if you do manage to find a better quality version of the song send it through to me and I’ll then be able to do it for you no problem…