Selling CD’s at your gig

Want to sell your CD’s to fans at the gig? It’s not just as simple as recording yourself singing on to a CD and running off a few hundred copies on your home PC…but here at MP3 Backing Trax we DO try to make it as easy as possible for you…

Hello. I am the manager of 2 female singers. Can I buy backing tracks from you and let them use them for their stage shows. Also could we then use them for any CD’s that we might produce?

Hi Mick

You cannot re-sell backing tracks you purchase from us, but you CAN use them for personal use (which includes live performance) so there’s no problem with the girls using our backing tracks for their live stage show.

If you would also like to use the backing tracks as the backing music for an album the girls are recording, we would also be happy to grant you permission.

It would be on the strict understanding that our company name MP3 Backing Trax Ltd and our web address are both credited on the artwork (CD cover) as having supplied the music for the album.

That pretty much covers the permissions for you to use the backing tracks live and on the girls album…

Just remember though that there is a further permission needed if you want to then sell the CD’s at gigs.

You will need to get that particular licence from the MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) and unlike us who are happy to give you permission for free, the MCPS WILL charge you a fee for their licence.

Details of the licence and permissions you’ll need from the is at: