Backing tracks with matching sheet music

An enquiry came in from a customer who wanted a backing track PLUS the sheet music for a B flat brass instrument specially written to match the backing track – and all for £3.99…

I play a Bb brass instrument. If I purchase backing tracks will I also get the printed music to go with it? As an instrumentalist there is no point downloading a track without being able to see the music.

Hi Richard

The supply of backing tracks and sheet music fall under different copyright licences.

That’s why most backing track companies only supply backing track music (and sheet music companies only supply sheet music).

There are some backing track companies who carry a stock of sheet music (and some sheet music companies who carry a stock of backing tracks), but very there are very few companies who supply backing tracks with sheet music to EXACTLY match the backing track.

You will find it impossible to find any backing track company anywhere out there who will provide you with backing tracks AND the exact sheet music to match for only a few pounds or a few dollars per track.

If you want such a specialized service you will need to go to someone who provides this type of service. Obviously they will charge a premium for this type of service, so expect to pay much more than you would normally pay for an off-the-shelf backing track or off-the-shelf music sheet.

If price is an issue for you, then there is another, less expensive option open to you…

You could buy a backing track (from, then go to the Music Notes website and buy the music sheet for that same song.

The sheet music parts won’t exactly match the backing track, but the cost will be much less than having backing tracks and sheet music created specially for you…