Music licencing permissions

A customer called George contacted me to ask a question about music licencing…

Hi Kenny,
Greetings: Thanks for the great info. I found a track recently on the web. I contacted the site owner about getting permission to use the track. However, they can’t say who the author is. Its a reggae track. What can I do?

Hi George

Put simply, if you don’t¬†have permission from the author of the song through the proper licencing and you don’t know who or which company produced and created the backing track, you can’t get permission to use the track.

The only alternative is to obtain the track from elsewhere –¬†preferably from a reputable backing track company who can give you all the information you need about the track, it’s author, and permission to use it.

From what you say in your email, I’m guesing that the backing track you have at the moment is most probably an illegal backing track that you downloaded from the internet. It will most probably infringe copyright so that’s why the website you got it from are unable to help you or give you permission to use it.

It’s worth noting that all MP3 Backing Trax backing tracks are fully licensed and we can grant you whatever permissions you require to use our tracks.

But you will find that there are lots of illegal websites out there on the internet and they are NOT licensed, so they can’t give you the permissions you need.

Also bear in mind that you take a huge risk if you use illegal backing tracks. If you get caught at a gig singing with illegal music, you can be fined . Also the venue you are singing at can be closed down for allowing illegal music to be performed (and/or have their music licence revoked) so beware!