Audacity is missing the VU meter

Eric, one of our customers loves using Audacity but his VU meters have disappeared! 

Hey, Kenny,
I luv the program, it’s easy to use, but one problem…I dont have a meter bar. When I try to float it nothing happens. Can u help?
Eric – a happy customer

Hi Eric

To float the meter toolbar, drag it out of the toolbar or select “Float Meter Toolbar” from the View menu (this also lets you resize it).

Under normal operation the meter is only active when you are actually playing or recording, but you can monitor your input levels even when you’re not recording by selecting “Monitor Input” from the input meter’s pop-up menu or by clicking on the input meter.

If for any reason you’ve disabled the meter toolbar, you can re-enable it by going to “Edit>Preferences” and on the “Interface” tab check the box “Enable Meter Toolbar” then click OK.