Recording an MP3 CD to Minidisc

James asked a question about recording mp3’s from a CD to minidisc. Here’s my reply:

Is it possible to record or somehow transfer MP3 format Backing Tracks to Minidisc From CD?
Kind Regards
James Galbraith

Hi James

Yes, this is a relatively simple process.

You say you have a CD which contains MP3 backing track files, and you want to record those MP3 files on to a Minidisc…so, first you need to transfer the MP3 files from the CD to your PC.

To do this, put the CD in to your PC and then use Windows Explorer to “drag” the MP3 files from the CD to your PC (right-click on the My Computer icon and select Windows Explorer to do this). Save the MP3 files in to My Documents or My Music.

Next, to record the mp3’s on to Minidisc, follow the guide in my article.

Just one last point to note. The process I’ve described above only works if you have a CD containing MP3 files (which is what you say you have).

If your CD does NOT contain MP3 files – i.e it’s an audio CD – then the process of getting audio CD music from the disc to your PC is different.

You CAN drag MP3 files directly from a CD on to your PC, but you CANNOT drag audio CD files directly from a CD to your PC – that’s a different process (called “ripping”).