Audacity alternatives

Thanks to Janet for this question. Janet contacted me to ask if I knew any alternatives to Audacity…

I have the free audacity studio which I use regularly but is there anything better? I find some of the onboard fx are not what I want ie the EQ is not really what I want.

Hi Janet

Audacity is a free software but that doesn’t mean it cuts corners on performance or usability.

But like all software, there are some things it does brilliantly, and other things that perhaps aren’t so good.

Fortunately it’s not the only software out there which can do the job. There are other softwares that will handle certain functions better than Audacity (and vice-versa).

But if the EQ is the only problem you’re having with Audacity, then first I suggest you do a Google search for maybe a third-party plugin EQ for Audacity. Audacity is open-source software so you’ll probably find that there will be a few EQ effects available on the net that you can download for free.

If you still can’t find a suitable EQ, then you could try some other software packages.

Personally I recommend Wavelab or Soundforge. You may just find that one of these will handle the functions that you find lacking in Audacity a little bit better.