Record an album on a tight budget

So, picture the scene, you’ve bought all the stage clothes, sound equipment and backing tracks and now you’re getting yourself a few gigs and earning some money.

If you are getting gigs, then that means people like you singing – that makes sense doesn’t it? So, if people like you singing, they’ll probably want to hear more of you.

So why not let your audience “take you home” with them by offering them a CD.

You can make a lot of extra money by selling CD’s of yourself at a gig. And don’t just think that people don’t really want to listen to you on their car stereo or home hi-fi when they can listen to Frank Sinatra or Madonna etc. You’d be surprised why many people buy CD’s of an artists they’ve seen at a gig.

For one, out of town visitors might buy your CD as a memory of the time that they spent at that venue or that town.

It makes sound financial sense to have a CD on sale at every gig you do (and CD sales can substantially increase your earnings on the night).

So how do you make a CD without having to spend lots of money hiring a recording studio and a band etc?

Well I’ve found a very inexpensive way to record a fantastic studio quality CD at only a fraction of the cost you’d spend at a recording studio. And I can even show you how to claw some of that small initial outlay back so that you can record as many CD’s as you want and they’ll cost you next to nothing.

My article on recording a CD to sell at gigs will point you in the right direction.