MP3 bit-rates causing confusion again

It seems there’s still a bit of confusion out there over which is the best bit-rate to choose for backing tracks.

I know I’ve covered this topic quite a few times in this blog and in articles on the MP3 Backing Trax website but the subject reared it’s ugly head again recently when a popular software manufacturer gave some conflicting advice to their customers on this subject.

Understandably it’s caused a great deal of confusion for some customers who now don’t really know who or what to believe!

So, at the risk of repeating myself and going over old ground, I’ve taken the bold step and reckoned it’s time to publish another article on this subject which deals just as much with why different people give you different advice about bit-rates just as much as it deals with bit-rates themselves.

Hopefully this can put this subject to bed for good and help backing track users move on from this confusing dilemma and concentrate on what they do best – singing songs and making music!

Check out the article.