CD to minidisc

Stuart, a customer who recently bought around 50 backing tracks on CD asked me a question about converting them to Minidisc…

hi Kenny
I bought some backing trax of you a while ago!..i was wondering if i sent you the 4 cd’s could you transfer them to Minidisc?

Hi Stuart

Yes, we can put your backing tracks on to Minidisc for you, that’s not a problem. However the problem is the studio time it will take to do this.

The studio rate of £20/hr has to be covered and 52 songs would take about 3 hours of studio time to record, costing £60.

As I say, I’m happy to do this for you, but before you make a decision, remember, you already have your CD with all the songs so you could save all that time and money by just connecting your computer to a Minidisc recorder and record them on to Minidisc that way.

This way it’ll cost you nothing.

I wrote an article on how to record mp3 files from a computer to Minidisc and, as it happens, the process for recording a CD to Minidisc is exactly the same. Instead of “playing the mp3’s” on your computer and recording them to Minidisc, you pop the CD in to your computers CD tray and “play the CD” instead.

All the connections from your computers soundcard to your Minidisc recorder are the same as in the article.