Backing tracks on a Numark DJ player

There seems to be quite a lot of you getting quite excited about the Numark iDJ among backing track users. Here’s another one from Glenn, a singer from New York, USA is thinking about getting rid of his old Roland sequencer and going down the route of iPod, Numark, audio backing tracks…

I am considering retiring our Roland sequencer (MC-80) which still uses
floppy disks and using an iPod for backing tracks. I am considering
purchasing the Numark iDJ as an interface between the iPod and the
PA system. Bigger navigation buttons would be a plus. Do you have
any opinions about this product?

Hi Glenn

This piece of equipment seems to be getting a lot of interest from backing track users. I haven’t used one myself so can only go on what other customers have been telling me about it.

It seems to be very good from the point of view of the button sizes (just as you mentioned). I’m also lead to believe the sound quality is exceptionally good because it takes the iPods sound out of the big connection at the bottom of the iPod rather than the headphone socket.

The main downside with the Numark is that some singers are reporting that the autocue isn’t very accurate so sometimes they miss the first couple of seconds of a song – a bit of a disaster if the song has a count-in, a chord or note to pitch you, or a short intro before the vocal comes in.

Don’t let that put you off though. Just make sure you try before you buy.