BBC Radio Children In Need And MP3 Backing Trax Update

As you know, Robert, our resident singing expert has been putting the BBC radio presenters through their paces, teaching them to sing…all in the name of charity (BBC’s Children In Need).

Today on the Fred McCauley show we let the secret out. The tune Robert is teaching the BBC presenters to sing is……taaraaaa…..drum roll….”Lean on me” by Bill Withers.

Yesterday, with only a week to go, I prepared a special backing track arrangement of “Lean On Me”. I created it in a female key because Robert reckons that the two strongest singers out of the group are two of the girls so he’s planning to have them up front singing the “solo” singing parts. 

It’s proving to be GREAT fun – everyone’s loving it! And, let me also say right now that there’s no truth in the nasty rumour going round the BBC that Robert will be putting the good singers to the front and the “donkeys” to the back – no, it’ll be the tallest presenters to the back…unless you sing like a donkey that is. Woops!

But hey, we can’t be too judgemental on these poor BBC presenters – this is just a bit of fun for Children In Need, they are NOT professional singers (ahem, as you’re about to hear)!

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