Gverb is greyed out in Audacity

Jeremy has been recording himself singing to some of our┬ábacking tracks and asks why the Gverb plug-in on his version of Audacity is “greyed” out.

Hi Kenny,
How do I apply reverb..there is only gverb on the effects
menu and all greyed out. The help menu says “Audio”
has to be selected.

Hi Jeremy

Gverb is not present in some versions of Audacity.

It was supported for a while in Audacity but Gverb was more of a project by Audacity programmers who were messing around with reverb algorhythms rather than a proper professional reverb plug-in.

I do know that Gverb was never one of the best reverb plugins anyway – there are much better reverb plugins around than Gverb so it’s probably about time they let it RIP!

If your particular installation of Audacity DOES have Gverb, then it will be in the plug-ins folder in your Audacity installation directory (on Windows computers this you’ll find it in the “Program Files” folder).

If GVerb is installed correctly in the plug-ins folder it will show beneath the separator in the Effects menu when you bring it up.

Much better, easier to use, (and free) reverbs out there are Freeverb and Anwida Soft DX Reverb Light (do a Google search and you’ll find them).

I personally recommend Freeverb.