MP3 Backing Trax And BBC Radio Scotland Join Together For Children In Need

Robert, our resident singing expert has been challenged with the (mammoth?) task of taking a bunch of BBC radio presenters and teaching them to sing…in less than 10 days.

Fred McCauley (from TV’s McCoist & McCauley fame) has asked Robert to take his merry band of presenters and producers and turn them in to a top notch choir…in just 1 week!

Of course it’s all in good fun and for a very good cause – the BBC’s Children In Need appeal.

MP3 Backing Trax have supplied the backing track music for the song the presenters will be singing (but we’re not revealing the name of the song just yet…that’s a big secret which you’ll have to wait until 14th November to find out)!

So how do you think Robert will cope trying to teach a group of non-singers to sing like Pop Idols in just a few hours of tuition?

Can Robert really turn these “sows ears” into “silk purses”?

Tune in to the Fred McCauley show every day on Radio Scotland and find out…!