Mp3 to minidisc

Although mp3 has completely revolutionized the backing track world, there are still singers who like to use minidisc on stage rather than an mp3 player.

You could be forgiven for thinking that these singers are just dinosaurs who don’t want to change with the times (and you can’t deny that mp3 beats minidisc hands down when it comes to using backing tracks on stage). But, humans are creatures of habit and if you are one of those people who feel more “comfortable” when using minidisc on stage than any other format, then I say “Carry on!”.

It makes sense that if using minidisc on stage makes you more comfortable on stage, then you’ll probably give a better performance.

If you are buying and downloading your backing tracks online though, the one problem you will face is how to transfer them from mp3 to minidisc. Don’t panic – it’s a simple process and with the right software and cables, it’s easy. I’ve written an article with step by step instructions for converting mp3 to minidisc.

MP3 to CD
Some singers prefer to convert their mp3 backing tracks to CD and then put the tracks from the CD on to minidisc. At first you would think that there is no advantage of going from mp3 to CD to minidisc…why not just cut out the middleman and go straight from mp3 to minidisc I hear you ask?

Well, there are advantages of using a three step process of going from mp3 to CD to minidisc. For a start, if you are not too technically minded, the connections and volume setting etc you need to get right in order to make a successful mp3 to minidisc recording can be bypassed by simply “burning” your tracks to a CD and then recording them straight on to your minidisc as you are probably used to doing.

Another “hidden” advantage is that you end up (albeit inadvertantly) with a backup of your backing tracks on CD. 

I get emails from customers from time to time who have had a computer crash and lost all their backing tracks that were stored on their hard disk. If they had converted their mp3 backing tracks to CD then they would have had a bunch of CD’s kicking around their house with a backup of all their tracks!

If you want to protect yourself and backup your backing tracks, see my article on converting mp3 to CD.