Buying backing tracks securely

Card security when buying ANYTHING on the internet is of the utmost importance.

When buying backing tracks this is even more important because of the downloadable nature of the products – after all, if someone got a hold of your card details they could run riot with your card by simply sitting in front of a computer and downloading tons of stuff…at your expense!

That’s why MP3 Backing Trax run the highest levels of security of any backing track company we know of.

Safety is our prime concern.

Unfortunately some backing track buyers put themselves at immense risk by buying from some of the cowboy companies out there who claim to offer “easier” payment and “simpler” download methods than us reputable backing track companies.

If you thought that the best backing track company to buy from is the one who asks for the minimal amount of information from you and lets you download as quickly as possible you’d be VERY wrong!

The easier it is to pay, and the easier it is to download your goods, the less secure the website is…

My article about backing tracks and card security explains more.