Backing tracks on a Dell laptop – a recipe for disaster!

Carol-Anne contacted me again about her new Dell laptop which she’s far from happy with…!

Hi Kenny
Yeah, it’s┬ácheaply made [the Dell laptop]. The Packard Bell
old one I have is much better quality, so I’m going back
up to Tesco to try and get a better replacement. It’s duff
all round. I need to get a better one for when I’m singing
or I will be in trouble.
Cheers for now,

Hi Carol-Anne

If you’re using your laptop for singing, the most important thing to look for is the quality of the headphone jack on the laptop.

This is the first thing that is sure to break because they’re usally just cheap plastic and the constant plugging it in and unplugging it after each gig eventually wears it out.

Worse still, usually before it breaks completely it’ll give you a dozen gigs worth of headaches by buzzing and crackling and driving you (and the audience) mad!

For sure the headphone socket on a laptop will fall to bits long before you have any problems with any other parts of the laptop (unless you spill coca-cola on your keyboard or drop the screen on a stone floor that is – I’ve done both)!