Internet Explorer Download Problems

A young lady called Carol-Anne had some trouble downloading her backing tracks recently. After some investigation, we discovered that her version of Internet Explorer in her Dell laptop had changed from its default settings and was mis-configured.

This meant that when her browser (Internet Explorer) SHOULD have been downloading and saving her backing tracks, instead it was trying to download, open, and play them in her media player, all at the same time.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, her media player (which shouldn’t have over-ruled Internet Explorer by jumping in and trying to make the download) wouldn’t even recognize the files when it downloaded them!

She did get her backing tracks eventually but she had to resort to using another computer to do it…

Hi Kenny
I am happy to say I have managed to download them
from my old laptop.  This new DELL laptop I bought a
few months ago is cr** and annoying. Thanks again
for your time and help!

Hi Carol-Anne

Yes, I agree..I had a Dell laptop that fell to pieces (literally) after about a year and a half. Little screws kept loosening themselves and bits would fall off. On top of this, the laptop wouldn’t recognize it’s own built-in CD writer from time to time and I would have to re-boot it 2 or 3 times until it would finally “see” it’s own CD writer again!

Similarly, a friend of mine used to work in the admin section of a College and one year they bought 40 brand new desktop PC’s. 20 were Dell PC’s and 20 were Compaq PC’s. Within 3 months of buying the new computers she was on first name terms with the Dell repair guy – they had to call him out nearly every week! The Compaq’s just kept working with very few issues or problems.

In saying that, the problem you’ve had is more a software problem than the actual laptop itself. My guess is that some multimedia program in your Dell laptop has changed your Internet Explorer configuration. This would explain why Internet Explorer is not treating the zipped backing track file you are trying to download in the way it should treat it.

The main reason people zip files is to compress them and make them smaller. However with mp3 files, the mp3 encoder has already compressed the music so there’s actually no difference in the size of an mp3 file before or after it has been zipped. The actual reason why we zip music files is so that your browser (Internet Explorer) knows to download and save it, not play it, or open it up in a media player, or anything else. In effect we are “forcing” your browser to treat the file as a download and not in any other way.

The fact that your Dell’s Internet Explorer is NOT treating the file like this and is NOT allowing you to download and save the zip file makes me 99% sure that some other program has plugged itself in to your Internet Explorer and messed around with its default settings.

I’m glad you managed to get your backing tracks eventually using another computer – the main thing is that you get your downloads and I’m happy to spend as much time as it takes to help you do that and work through any problems you have so there’s no need for a thankyou – it’s my pleasure!

It would be worthwhile checking out your Dell and Internet Explorer to try and find out why it’s not doing what it’s supposed to. At best it may just be a couple of settings that have went a bit haywire, and at worst it could be a virus that’s got in and is creating havoc.

You could try updating it to the newest version of Internet Explorer from Microsofts website, but just be warned that there’s every chance it will also “migrate” your old settings to the newer installation and you may be no further forward!

Ain’t computers wonderful (not)!!!