ID3 tags in mp3 backing tracks

Here’s a question I received from one of our customers from Spain. It’s all about ID3 tags and why sometimes they display correctly and other times they don’t:

Hi Kenny,
A while ago i purchased an American Audio SDJ1 Player. The
player is fantastic but the problem i have is the mp3 tracks have
been transfered to the SD Card, when the card is inserted in
the machine the name of the track is displayed on the screen
but on some tracks the name dissappears after being read and
then ” No ID3 TAG” flashes instead. This doesn’t happen to all
the tracks, so how do i get an ID3 Tag on some but not others?

Hi Gordon

Without sitting in front of your equipment it’s hard to troubleshoot why it’s reading some ID tags but not others. 

However, it does sound like it may be reading ID3 version 1 tags but not ID3 version 2 tags (or vice-versa).

Most mp3 player software programs allow you to alter the ID3 tags of each song, so load in the songs which aren’t displaying the proper ID3 tag info and change the tag info. 

If your particular mp3 player software doesn’t allow you to alter ID3 tags, then open each of your mp3 backing tracks in Winamp (free download at and go to “view file info”. You can then enter all the ID3 tag information for each song. 

A nice little touch with the Winamp ID3 function is that you only have to enter the data once for each song – when you enter your song info into the ID3v1 fields you can then tell it to “copy” this info to the ID3v2 tag. Now your ID3 tags can be recognized by any program, no matter whether it only reads ID3v1 or only reads ID3v2.

Hope this helps!