Bose L1 debate rages on…

The debate over the Bose decision to change the L1 and give it one amplifier less, still continues to create an avalanche of comments from L1 using MP3 Backing Trax customers.

The latest news from the gossip machine comes from a customer of mine who claims to have insider knowledge about the L1 classic versus the L1 model 1 saga.

He informs me that an insider (who he doesn’t want to name for obvious reasons) has told him that that the reason Bose gave the new L1 one less amplifier is because there was too much lead metal in the amplifiers of the old L1 classic and it didn’t meet European Union guidelines.

I suppose if you think about it, one less amplifier would probably result in there being less lead metal.

Of course, because my informant won’t name his source, this remains completely unsubstantiated, so I must re-iterate that this is only a whisper from the rumour mill and may be completely untrue (or to put it another way, don’t sue me Bose)!

But if it is true, it would then certainly explain why Bose strangely changed a winning formula (the L1 classic) and spent time, money and effort tinkering around with the new version, just to make it sound like the old version.

The debate continues!