Key Changes & Saving in Audacity

Debbie contacted me to say she’s struggling a little with Audacity:

I’m struggling using Audacity – I can’t seem to change the
key or save any projects?

Hi Debbie

Although you can do this, I wouldn’t advise using Audacity (or any other pitch shifting program) to change the key of a song because pitch shifting will seriously affect the quality of the recording (if you’ve ever been to a karaoke night where someone sings a song 2 or 3 keys down you’ll know what I mean)!

For good professional sounding recordings, it’s better that you use a backing track that’s already in the correct key before you start.

Regarding saving your work in Audacity, when you’ve finished a project, save it by using the “export” command. If you use “save as”, Audacity will just save it as a project file and assume you will be coming back to work on it at a later date.

All the basic file commands are explained in the instruction manual so it’s worth spending some time reading through all the documentation.