Cheap backing tracks specially produced?

I received a request from a customer who was struggling to find two particular backing tracks. He’d searched everywhere and none of the backing track companies out there had any of these two songs so asked if we could produce them specially for him, but for “not too much money”. Here’s my reply:

Hi Kieron

Yes, we could produce those two backing tracks for you, but you say you need them at low cost and unfortunately producing tracks takes time and therefore costs money (probably around £100 each).

Commissioning a custom made backing track to be produced specially for you is much more expensive than buying a ready-made backing track off-the-shelf from our catalogue. The price of a custom track depends on how much work is involved in producing the track for you.

The best way to describe this is to think about how you would go about buying a suit from a clothes shop. If you walk in to the shop and buy your clothes off-the-peg, it will be much less expensive than having the clothes made-to-measure (where the tailor has to measure you up, cut the cloth, and make the clothes specially for you).

It’s the same with backing tracks – buying a ready made track off-the-shelf from our catalogue only costs a few pounds, but having a track specially made involves hours of work. Our arrangers are all professional musicians with many years experience and their fees are £20/hour (which is actually very reasonable for a professional arranger). When you consider that most recording studios charge £30/hour and upwards, and session musicians the same, our special arrangement customers save hundreds of pounds by getting our arrangers to record their songs.

You could keep trying searching around the internet to see if any other company has this song already produced – that way you could probably buy it off-the-shelf for a few pounds, in the same way that we offer off-the-shelf songs in our in our catalogue for only a few pounds…