Using backing tracks to make a demo disc

One of our customers Mike from England contacted me recently and asked about using backing tracks to make a demo disc. Here’s Mikes question, and my answer below:

Dear Sirs
Could you tell me the procedure, or if its possible of
how to go about making a demo disc if we bought your
backing tracks?

Hi Mike

Yes, we would happily grant you permission to use our backing tracks to make a demo CD or album, as long as your demo disc or album is only for your own use (ie sending to record companies or selling at gigs).

As for recording a demo disc or album, there are basically two ways you can do this.

One way is to find a local recording studio and take along your backing tracks, and record your vocals on top of them. The studio will then mix the backing tracks and vocals together and give you a CD of the finished album. If you need a supply of CD’s, most professional studios will also offer CD duplication services (or if it’s only a couple of CD’s for a demo you want, you could probably copy them up yourself on your own PC if you have a CD writer). I’ve written an article about creating audio CD’s which you may find interesting.

The other way of recording an album or demo disc is to attempt to record it yourself at home. Despite what most people think, you don’t need to be particularly technically minded to do this, albeit recording software (just like with any type of software program) will always have a small learning curve at first. There’s a great free recording studio software called Audacity which you can download and use.

Hope this helps!