Positioning your iPod on stage

(The original version of this article was first published on the Mp3 Backing Trax website circa 2006 – 2012)

Location Location Location! Where you position your iPod can make or break your performance…

On your music stand
Most musicians find that the best way to use the iPod on stage is to secure it with velcro strips on to the back of their music stand. As long as you are not close enough to the audience for someone to accidently knock the music stand over (which will ultimately knock your iPod over), this is the simplest and easiest way to use the iPod on stage.

The risk of your music stand toppling doesn’t necesarrily need to be a problem either – there are many pouch type accessories available for the iPod which will protect it and many have belt clips, some with velcro patches on the back.

Not only will these accessories help protect your iPod on stage, but it will also let you “velcro it” to the stand without having to stick velcro all over the back of the iPod itself.

On your microphone stand
Here’s another idea. Ever thought about customizing your mic stand so that your iPod is right there, within arms length, right in front of your eyes?

It’s not as difficult to do as you might think. Any drum store will be able to sell you a suitable attachment like a plate that will clamp on to your mic stand and will allow you to attach the iPod and adjust it’s height and angle etc.

A little bit of velcro is all that’s required to secure your iPod to the plate.

Drummers are famous for having little accessories dotted all around their drum kits so any good drum shop will be able to supply you with something which will do the job – just take your mic stand in to the drum shop, show them it, tell them what you want to do, and ask them to advise on a suitable attachment.

At the side of the stage
There’s an accessory available for the iPod Video called the Apple Remote. It’s a tiny remote control unit which can be used to start and stop your iPod and it works in conjunction with the Universal Dock.

Basically, the Apple Remote lets you control your iPod from a distance so you can walk about the stage, maybe even be in among the audience etc and at the touch of the button, you can start the next song (or stop/pause the next one etc).

This could well be the perfect accessory for you if you are still worried about the iPod auto pause issue.