Using backing tracks on stage

Before going anywhere near a stage and entertaining an audience, the first thing you should have decided is which format you want to use for your backing tracks.

Over the years, I’ve used every single format there is for backing tracks and have come to some conclusions that may help you decide.

CD’s skip if you get finger marks on them, cassette tapes are too hissy, DAT is unreliable because they sometimes don’t read on hot sticky live stage environments and minidisc, while good, only hold 15 – 20 songs.

That leaves only one format to consider and it’s the best…MP3.

You don’t need to lug your computer around with you either – you can play mp3’s from a small hard disk based player like the Apple iPod or Creative Jukebox.

And…don’t forget to use a good PA system and pump up the volume!

More in depth info on this subject can be found in my article at the MP3 Backing Trax website