Putting a band together

Here’s an email I received from a customer asking about forming a band and using backing tracks:

Hi Kenny
Just a stupid question… I want to start a music band of my
own but im nervous for the auditions. 
I would like to start
a r&b or rock band but dont know how to go about it.
I use backing tracks for this purposes as well and can I
remix them?

Hi Ronald

Don’t worry, there are no stupid questions in the world – only questions
you don’t have the answer to yet!

It’s always best to try to find band members who are “on the same
wavelength” and are interested in the same type of music as you are
interested in, so will have the same passion for the music you play
together as a band.

If you put a full band together, there is no need for backing tracks
at all.

However, if you only put a part band together (eg drums, guitar and
bass) then you could use specially produced custom backing tracks
to give you the extra sounds your band can’t play like keyboards, brass,
strings, synths etc.

When it comes to remixing backing tracks, you cannot remix audio
backing tracks yourself but you can remix midifle backing tracks
yourself so if you want to do the remixes yourself, buy midifiles, and
if you want us to do the remixes, order custom made backing tracks.