Is MySpace a waste of time?

I recently received an email from a customer who had heard me talk about the importance of MySpace but thought that MySpace was a waste of time for his act because he wasn’t getting any gigs from it.

Here’s his email and my reply below:

Hi Kenny..
I have a my space site and it does nothing at all for us!..I dont
even visit the site because we have never booked the first gig
off of the site. I have friends that brag on the site but as far
as me its a waste…

Hi Barney

A MySpace link is far from a waste of time – it’s just that many artists don’t understand how Search Engine Optimization works so can’t see it’s value…

Many artists make the mistake of thinking that MySpace is only a place to advertise their act and get work from, so if they find that they’re getting not getting many or any gigs coming in from their MySpace
page, then they automatically assume it’s not working for them.

What they forget is the immense VALUE of having an in-coming link from a highly ranked website like pointing to their main website, and how much that helps their main website rankings….

It’s exactly the same with our free page builder service at the MP3 Backing Trax YourSpace section.

MP3 Backing Trax, like MySpace, is a VERY highly ranked website on Google and the other search engines, so an in-coming link from MP3 Backing Trax to your main website has immense value and will help your main website (where most of your bookings do come from) achieve higher search engine rankings.