Types of backing tracks

I’m sure by now you know what a backing track is – simply put, it is music that you can sing along to.

However things get a bit confusing when you try to decide which type of backing track to buy and use. There are many different formats and it’s important that you choose a format that suits you.

Most singers opt for audio type backing tracks which usually are the least work and give the best sound quality.

Audio types of backing track to consider are CD, minidisc, mp3, Cassette or DAT.

Midifiles and Karaoke tracks should be avoided because there are more poor sounding midis around than good ones and midifiles really need the skills of a professional musician to tweak them in to sounding half decent.

Karaoke files should be avoided because they simply scream “unprofessional” and the backing vocals on them usually drown out your voice so are not recommended.

For more information, see my article on this subject.