Bose L1 feedback problem

A customer has emailed me asking me if feedback is going to be a problem with the Bose L1 system? He works in venues with quite small stage areas and asked if he sets up his Bose L1 too close to him will he get feedback. Here’s my answer:


Feedback isn’t a major problem with the Bose system because the sound dispersion is achieved in part by all the little speakers being off-set and pointing out at different angles.

So, no matter where you stand with your microphone, you’ll only ever be directly in the “path” of one or two of the little speakers – not enough to give you any major feedback problems.

Bose recommend you place the system behind you, but that’s just not practical unless you’re playing, say, a theatre with a large stage.

So, for small tight-fit stage areas you have little choice but to place it at the side of you or in front of you.

Believe it or not, you can still hear the Bose system surprisingly well, even when it’s placed in front of you – the sound seems to “bounce-back” to you much better than a conventional PA would (as you know, if you sang behind a conventional PA system without a monitor, all you’d normally here would be a kinda dull, woolly thud from the bass and little or no highs coming back at you).

The Bose L1 is one of those systems that you really just have to hear to believe as it completely throws all convention out of the window and makes you look at sound and the way we perform live gigs with PA set ups in a completely different way…