Clicktrack and bass guitar tracks

Hi Kenny
I have read almost all off your articles, but couldnt find any about my spesific question. What I wonder is how to send the drum track to the drummers headphones amplifire and the bass track straight to the PA system. If I have to pan those tracks, how do I do that? You see we are three in the band, guitar, keyboard and drums, and need only the bass track into the PA system. What equipment and software do we need? With regards 

Hi Mira

It’s very easy to route the stereo from a backing track to two different destinations. You don’t need any special software to do this (although you will probably need some sort of headphone amplifier for your drummer if you want one of the stereo sides to go to him).

First of all, you need backing tracks which have been specially created with the drums on one side and the bass on the other side. You can create these backing tracks yourself if you have a multi-track recording studio at home or, if not, you can have a backing track company like us make you backing tracks with all the panning already done for you so they’re just ready to plug in and play.

Take your backing track with the drums on one side and the bass on the other side and using a simple stereo output cable, plug the right side of the cable in to your PA system and the left side of the cable in to your drummers headphone amplifier.

And that’s it. The drums will come through the drummers headphones and the bass will come out through your PA system.

If you don’t have a recording studio to make up these types of tracks yourself, we can do it for you – we often make these types of tracks up for customers.

Usually when making up a track like you’ve described, we would normally make a click-track on the left side and the bass on the right side.

However there’s no reason why you can’t have us make the tracks up for you with the full drum track on the left and the bass on the right if your drummer prefers hearing a full drum track rather than a click-track…